Brooklyn, NY’s eight piece chamber pop group San Fermin recently released their third studio album Belong earlier this month. The album doesn’t stray far from previous efforts in 2013 and 2015, maintaining spacious strings and horn sections that could rival early Tv on the Radio if they wanted to. Belong gradually opens up like a perfectly aged whiskey or perhaps more aptly, a flower. The synth soundscapes are gentle and flickering with chunky horn sections. Some of the vocals are oddly reminiscent of 80’s Peter Gabriel or Phil Collins and provide a nostalgic feel.

Originally, San Fermin was the brainchild of Ellis Ludwig-Leone, a Brooklyn based composer and songwriter. The project took shape once Ludwig-Leone graduated from Yale and retreated to the Banff Centre, where he began writing pieces that would eventually become San Fermin. He recently spoke to Consequence of Sound about one of the singles “No Promises,” explaining it’s origins as a letter to the rest of the band.

“We’ve spent the past few years together,” Ludwig-Leone tells Consequence of Sound about San Fermin, “I just realized how much of their lives they’ve devoted to being in this band. It’s overwhelming to think about. The verses are about how touring can go from this exciting thing to feeling like you’re quite literally going in circles. The bridge is a rapid-fire list of things they’ve been required to do: early flights, all-night drives, maintaining long distance relationships, etc. But really the song is about the fear of disappointing the people you love.”

The album maintains a loving tone on the titular track “Belong” which could choke up diehard romantics and stir emotion in some cold hearts. The same loving quality found in the lyrics carries throughout the entire album which is light and bouncy, and easy to listen to.

It will be such a treat to see the live band dynamic and their co-creation of whimsy right before our eyes. If you’ve ever seen Lucius live, we’re anticipating a similar balance of lightness and power on stage.

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