Luckily for us, this is the second Halloween weekend in a row where we’ve had the pleasure of hosting Montréal’s The Creepshow. Bombastic psychobilly with raunchy sex appeal, huge sound and an infectiously fun stage presence, The Creepshow are always fun to see perform, no matter the setting. The band released their th album in their 12 year run, “Death at my Door.” A hilarious title for a band who has been around so long they could potentially drop dead at any moment.

The album is as you would expect: raucous, sexy and aggressive, just as horror punk should be. The titular, opening track explodes in a fury of organ, gang vocals and guitars reminiscent of early Motorhead. The next couple of tracks are only slightly more subdued, with ardently placed vocals and marching drum style hits.

Although this is the first album with new vocalist Kenda Legaspi (the bands third throughout its lifespan) there is still much of the same fire and consistency found in the band’s earlier works. No doubt with a hint extra polish.

Catch The Creepshow Sunday, October 29th with Sammy Kay and locals The Devil’s Sons with Electric Audrey II. 

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