The most exciting feeling is finding out about a new band who you can’t stop listening to. Right now we’re into Heart Beach, a band pieced together from far away bits of the planet, mashed together in mellow riffs, quiet, gentle vocals and a tinge of melancholy. We got in touch with Heart Beach ahead of their free & all ages show this Saturday with Borscht and learned about their tour must haves, their take on the Canadian music scene and more!


Q: Who are you?

A: Heart Beach. An indie-pop band from Hobart, Tasmania. Claire (vocals/bass), Jon (vocals/guitar) and drummer Jaq from Dundee, Scotland.

Q: Your music is described as “sad girl-guy 9to5 pop songs.” What do you listen to to inspire such a “genre?”

A: We listen to all sorts. Lots of classics like Talking Heads, Joy Division, Gang of Four, Pixies, the Breeders, Jesus and Mary Chain, Roland S. Howard, PJ Harvey, Cat Power, Dirty Three, Nick Cave. But also a lot of recent releases, especially from Australia such as Sarah Mary Chadwick, Treehouse, Kitchens Floor, Unity Floors, Dick Diver, Twerps), and Scotland (Honey Blood, We Were Promised Jetpacks). The genre is also influenced by the fact we all worked full time office jobs for the longest time.

Q: What’s the one thing you can never live without while on tour?

A:  That’s tricky. We’ve been on tour a lot lately! Beers, a rotation of drivers, beds to sleep in, lots of merch to sell at shows. Clean socks? I don’t know. I actually think it’s more the random stuff that happens. For instance, we all saw our first bear in the wild today. It was just sitting on the side of the highway!

Q: In a recent article in BeatRoute, it was alluded to that you’ve essentially ditched Tasmania to explore different audiences. Where is your home base these days?

A:  Oh that quote was taken way out of context. We love Tasmania, and recommend everyone visit, soon! It’s a golden island with an excellent music scene plus a private museum themed on sex and death built into the shores of the Derwent River in Hobart.  Heart Beach relocated to Canada for 2017-18 to be closer to North American touring routes. Our base is Montreal but we’ve been on the road a lot.

Q: In that same interview, you also playfully mentioned your music is brash compared to the politeness of Canadian bands. Since being here a little while longer now, has that opinion changed? If not, could you elaborate on that statement?

A: What we’ve noticed is that the current trend of Australian indie pop is distinctly more abrasive than a lot of the Canadian music we’ve seen. I think the two have the chance to inform each other in really great ways and I love coming across new music in each city and town we play. So far we’ve caught some fantastic bands across Canada, in both major cities and smaller towns. The standard for indie music in Canada and Australia is incredibly high.

Q: You’re playing Sled Island! The most sacred time of year for a lot of folks around these parts. If you have played Sled before, what’s one of your wildest memories? Alternatively, if this is your first time playing, what do you think you’d be telling us on the other side of the festival?

A: It’s our first time!! Can’t wait! I have only heard good things about the festival, and as a band from the other side of the globe it’s an honour to be part of such an institution as Sled. We love festivals. Once we played outdoors at Camp A Low Hum in New Zealand. It started to rain mid-set so the audience joined us on stage, squeezing in around the amps to watch us finish. I can only imagine the stories we’ll tell post Sled.

Q: What’s next for Heart Beach?

A: We’re on tour until mid-July. Then we’re planning on recording our next album at a Montreal studio in late August or September before we fly back to Australia for a string of dates in November and December. Heart Beach will be back in Montreal from mid January with plans for more touring in Canada and the US.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: Thanks so much for the interview! We love receiving band and venue recommendations. If anyone wants to get in touch, look us up on Facebook or send and email to


Join Heart Beach and local songstress Borscht for a free matinee Saturday, June 17th. Remember we’re all ages until 9pm everyday! Come hang out. 

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