This month we have A LOT of bands playing here who happen to share the same communal jam space. The boys in Counterfeit Jeans were nice enough to share a few photos of their dingy little room with us ahead of their FREE show with Choke, Norell and Street League on Friday, July 28th. 

Among the other bands who practice in this building located somewhere around Whyte Ave are: No Problem, E-Town Beatdown and the Nielsens who are all playing a FREE show this Friday, July 14th! 


This horse named Garth first made his appearance in the Counterfeit Jeans jam space after bassist Spencer Heykants received it as a Christmas present and his girlfriend decided it was simply too hideous for their kitchen. Seems to fit in just fine. 


Heykants’ bass features stickers paying homage to friends no longer here with us, including a Sometimes Music sticker, a now defunct label run by the late Steve Steffler. Sometimes Music helped release Counterfeit Jeans’ first self titled full length record in July of 2016. 


A wide shot of the room sans drums. Counterfeit Jeans also share this particular space with the Blame-its, a punk band who originated in Hinton 20 years ago!


Heykants’ pedal board, including his most used pedals in Counterfeit Jeans’ music: Boss DS-1 with a bass equalizer to create more low end. The Big Muff bass pedal was added for a psychedelic growl-y sound on new material the boys are recording. But that’s all we can say for now….


Here is guitarist/vocalist Jed Gauthier’s pedal board, featuring his tried and tested New Balance shoes, which you might see him wear on stage at the show on the 28th! 


Drummer Tyler Bedford getting stoked about tracking drums for the new Counterfeit Jeans album this summer! 

Join Counterfeit Jeans with Norell, Street League and the legendary Choke for a FREE show on Friday, July 28th. It’s gunna be a busy night, so get here early! Doors are at 8pm.