Julie Doiron & The Wrong Guys jam in drummer Mike Peters’ house in Winnipeg. We’re all spread out across Canada—Julie’s in Sackville, NB, Jaye and I are in Toronto, Mike moved back to Manitoba in 2014—so our jam spaces are more or less located wherever the first stop on the tour is.

Now that Mike’s pretty set up in the prairies though, Winnipeg has kind of felt like our “home base” for the past few months: we recorded our first full-length record here last October which we’re currently shopping around, and flew out to the prairies on Jan. 26 for a week of shows around Winnipeg’s Big Fun Festival. So, for the time being at least, Winnipeg, MB has been serving as Wrong Guys ground zero. Mike recently finished his basement with the intention of being able to record and rehearse down here with his other bands, so the week leading up to us landing he spent spraying insulation, hanging drywall, and wiring the room. He picked us up at the airport, we hit a Long & McQuade and stocked up on gear for the tour, loaded it in to the basement last night, hit the MLCC, and ran the set a few times, getting the songs road-ready and fit for tour.


Guitarist, Eamon Mcgrath



juliewrongguyjam2 juliesjam4

Julie & the Wrong Guys play the Needle stage February 3rd with local heroes Slates & Feed Dogs.