nuelaWe sat down with Nuela Charles and asked her a few questions that we’ve kinda always wanted to know about her and her music!

Q: If you could sum up your approach to music and your art in 3 words, what would they be?


A: Community, free and purposeful


Q:  Would you say there are any specific themes in the Grand Hustle?


A: There is a definite overall theme of reclaiming what’s yours, and continually working towards your goals no matter the obstacles that may come your way.


Q: Where would you say you spend the most time in Edmonton other than your home? Favourite hangout spot?


A: I’m definitely a homebody when I’m in Edmonton, but over the last couple months I’ve probably been at the Needle the most. 


Q: If you had to choose a favourite album, what would you say you come back to the most? Of all time, or recently.


A: Over the last year I can definitely say that I’ve listened to Nothing But Thieves’ self-titled album front to back, like a hundred times, if not more! Of all time? Alanis Morissette’s  “Jagged Little Pill” – but there’s so many great ones!



Q: Your new music video for “Fever” looked like a lot of fun to shoot. Why do you think music videos are still important to help promote yourself as an artist in times of quickly changing social media and technology?


A: I think videos are important now, more than ever because YouTube is king. People don’t just listen to music anymore, they watch it. For me, when creating new music, I’m constantly thinking of what the visual could be and it sometimes inspires the rest of the lyric. 


Q: Anything else you’d like to add about your upcoming show at the Needle or the release of the new album?


A:  I’m excited to be able to play this new album for people. It’s not a typical sound to come out of Edmonton – so I’m excited for people to hear and see it.


Check out the link to the stream here!