Growing up in Ireland every musician has a melted pot of musical ingredients in their heads from our own heritage, Europe, what we’ve brought back from America, Canada and further afield.

Here are some of my favourite artists from Ireland that are currently making waves (3 of which I have played with in the past):


  1. Rebecca Harkin (my sister!). She’s currently working on her first self penned album to be out this year. So good!
  2. Hozier. This kid came out of nowhere. Killer voice. 
  3. Van Morrison. Still making records, still touring and still sounding as good as he did when he was 21!
  4. Johnny Nutt. Local guy from Derry City who writes songs that have a worldly fell of timeless stories.
  5. Seamy O’Dowd. This guys sounds like Thin Lizzy, Rory Gallagher and Alison Kraus had a musical baby child. 


Can’t wait for my show at the Needle Vinyl Tavern! 

See you on September 12th.




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